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Escape Rooms & Online Escapes

Take The Exit

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What Is Take The Exit?

We serve up escape rooms in Hull! We also created online escape games for 2020.

Currently, we have 4 escape rooms available and looking to open our Christmas themed room, Santa's Workshop 3 soon. We aim to bring more Escape Rooms online!

Brick and Mortar rooms we have: DollHouse, Codename:Exit and The Chapel Escape Rooms, Trials of Osiris

What Online Games are available?

Alohomora Poster.jpg
The Mansion Incident Poster.jpg
Surveillance poster.jpg
Nostromo Odyssey poster.jpg
Into The Wild Poster.jpg
Silent Hillside.jpg

Lots of awesome online escape room games are available, from adventure games, to family friendly games there are online escapes for everyone at Take The Exit ! For more information on each, simply visit our booking website:

Unsure? Need Help?

If you have booked an online escape game, you will have received a confirmation email with details how to play, the link and login information you need to play and a guide. Please check your spam folder if you have not received a confirmation email (this would have been sent automatically from when you booked the room). If you have not received anything please email:

If you are playing an online game and need help, be sure to check the guide you have received for hints or help.

Need more information? visit our main website, with details about each room and a FAQs section:

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