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Welcome Doctor Watson



Ask Alice


Over Each Box To see help


Pay attention to the subject lines of the emails - can they be made into other words that will help give you the order you need. This will give a 4 digit code to open Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Mary's name in the mirror doesn't look right. Pay close attention to the M and A - didn't the research mention 3 times? could it mean 3 x? 3 digits unlock Sirenhead


If you pay attention to the letters in range of Sirenhead's speakers, what do you see? This will form a 5 digit code that will unlock SCP-173 research


The arrows / words represent moves... what can move in a certain way, say in a game? Or can you work out what role each of the words represent? This will give 6 letters to unlock Baba Yaga research

Baba Yaga

Can we split this riddle up to make it easier? The first part refers to espionage? The next part is a single letter and finally the last part is er... what was needed again? This will give a 6-letter word to unlock Ouija doc

Ben Drowned

Why would the research mention Zelda is a Roman name? I think if we pay attention to that we will get their number! It will give a 3 digit code to unlock Slenderman research


What do all the white words in the poem relate to? This will give a 7 digit code to unlock the Ferryman research


The Ferryman has been to each of these places in the year... is there a clue in the names that relate to a year? This four letter word will unlock The Crooked Man research

The Crooked Man

This research is strange...

What is The Crooked Man picture saying?

This will give a 4 digit code... But I'm not sure where you can enter it?


If you say each of the places listed what do they sound like at the end? What would come next? This 6-letter word will unlock the Bunnyman research




What could the Brit's favourite drink refer to? Surely it's the starting letter. Follow each clue to gain a 8 letter word that will unlock The Hookman


There's a connection between each of these words - something compact about the ends of the words? This will give a 5 digit word to unlock Ben Drowned research


I cannot help you with this one, Doctor...

Something is bugging me about where it has come from...

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