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Cursed Box Hints

Need some help? We hear you. Here, you can hover each box title to find a hint for that puzzle. Answers are included in your Cursed Box should you need further explanation...

Match fingerprints to the descriptions, ensure you count all the fingerprints on the box. Including the example...

Marriage is a virtue = second fingerprint from left.

On the box to get in...

Ensure you piece all the parts of the picture together correctly. Can you spot any hidden numbers once together? 

You will find the order you need in the poem

Lucy's Torn Up


Pay attention to the letters written down - can you see them in the certificates text?

Try joining them together in the order given

Adoption Certificate

Be sure to count how many sticks are in each doll and total them together


Pay attention to The letter at the start of the first line, on each paragraph then move to the first letter of the second line of each paragraph

Case File

The colours of the birds in the music will be either black or white - match them correctly to the numbers on the piano keys

Piano Puzzle

Pay attention to the last letter of each specimen name. What could it be telling you?


Place all cards in the directions as given to you - what can you see on the reverse if place correctly? align them as best as you can

Tarot Cards

Ensure you make the triangles correctly to count the number of spots within to make your code. 


Match the toys correctly to gain the order you need. The poem asks for toys in specific position to gain the correct code

6 Toys

Ensure your answers are written in the gaps correctly (see hints or answers if stuck on a certain puzzle) and follow the maths for your final code.


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